My Second Life experience


On Thursday November 2nd I was invited by Barbara Dieu to attend a talk she was going to give in Second Life. The last time I logged in Second Life was when Graham Stanley took a group of educators in a Balloon ride and it was an incredible experience.

In cooking up a storm in education I had problems with my sound and it is wonderful how SL educators help you without knowing you. It took a while to finally have sound so I only listened to the last part of the presentation. There were a lot participants and the pictures Bee showed were great. I also have to thank Cristina Costa who through Skype also tried to help me solve my sound problems.

Two weeks after I entered another chat Graham was having with a group of Italians. I was late and Graham teletransported me and I landed just in front of the presenter.  Somehow the chart with the arrows where you can move did not show up so I couldn´t move. They considered me a “Griefer”  and I was ejected from the chat!! I  was flying in an unknown place.  Should try to find out what happened with the chart.

SL is still a big mystery and you can learn a lot of things in this environment.

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