About me

Jennifer Verschoor graduated from St. Andrew´s Scots School in Argentina. She holds a degree in Literary, Technical and Legal Translation was well as a Bachelor´s degree in  Educational Management, English Teaching and ICT in the Classroom validated by Trinity College London. Last year she completed her Master´s degree in Virtual Environments and currently she is studying a Specialization in Education and ICT offered by the Ministry of Education in Argentina.

Her emphasis in training teachers to integrate technology into the classroom started several years ago. Since then she has given numerous workshops on the integration of New Technologies in Education in Argentina, Japan, Paraguay, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. She delivered online presentations for Tesol France, Besig in Germany, Tesol Uruguay, ETAS in Switzerland and IATEFL LT SIG. She is

She is the co-author of My First Digital Journey e-Book published by The Round in December 2012. She is a proud WEBHEAD and President of ARCALL Argentine Computer Assisted Language Learning.

She has been an on-line moderator in various TESOL Electronic Village Online Sessions since 2006. Currently she is working for the British Council in Argentina and Chile, ESSARP, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Cambridge English and SimpleK12 giving teacher training courses on the integration of ICT. She has been hired by SBS International to co-moderate TIC en el AULA, nominated for an ELTon Award 2013 under the category Local Innovation.

Awards and Scholarships

  • Winner of a scholarship to attend a course at NILE Norwich Institute for Language Education in London. July 2013
  • Winner of a full scholarship to attend IATEFL in Glasgow, Scotland. March 2012.
  • Invited as a Guest Speaker to the attend the First Panel Discussion for the free IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG. November 2010
  • Winner of a full scholarship to attend the WorldCALL 2008 in Fukuoka-Japan, representing Argentina. August 2008
  • Winner of a scholarship offered by the Consultants-e to take an online course on ICT in the Classroom validated by Trinity College. June-November 2008

The purpose of this blog is to show my path in this new teaching world.


  1. ¡¡Hola, Jennifer!!

    Me levanté ayer y pensé: “¿Qué será de la vida de Jennifer?”. Entonces, te googleé y ¡apareciste con este emprendimiento maravilloso de ARCALL! Te felicito, voy a seguir leyendo bien todo este emprendimiento, y bueno, quería decirte que siempre recuerdo tus magníficas clases, el material personalizado que me traías, tu pasión por la docencia y lo mucho que aprendí de vos.

    Ahora, como traductora pública ya recibida, matriculada y todos los chiches, veo a la distancia cuánto influiste en mi formación.

    Te mando un beso enorme, ¡y que sigan los éxitos!


  2. Hi Jennifer, really enjoying your blog! If you are interested in increasing comments, you may consider making it easier for readers to leave comments by not requiring a log-in, many won’t have time to go through the process of registering.

  3. Hei, thanks for sharing with us all you do!! I had the great pleasure to meet you some time ago and I’ve learnt millions of new things!! Thanks and… see you again soon!! Maria, from Cordoba!! 🙂

  4. Hola Jennifer, un gusto hablar con vos esta tarde. Bucie por su blog y me gusto mucho. Espero podamos reunirnos pronto para preparar algun taller en conjunto.

  5. Jennifer! It was great to meet you in FAAPI Tucumán. And i love our conversations via Facebook. You’re becoming a dazzling figure in ICT in Argentina! Well done!! Cheers from Posadas, Misiones!

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