I have recently added Technorati to my blogs. What a discovery!! I am really surprised to see that so many people reacted to my blog post My first integrating technology journey

Claudia Ceraso spread my post when she wrote about it in her wonderful blog

 Miguel Guhlin Where he so kindly invites me to participate in a Skype chat to help me out. ” On Tuesday, March 20th, I’ll be participating in a skypecast with folks like Doug Johnson and Dr. Scott McLeod, and the WOW2 folks (hey Pete, maybe the WOW ladies will let you in the door <grin> to join the conversation)…how about it Vicki, Cheryl, Jennifer, et al? Wouldn’t it be neat to respond to some of these questions, give Jennifer from Integrating Tech some practical suggestions?

Technology to empower Student Learning  Here you will find the answers to all my questions. An amazing work. I´m sorry you were not there when I had the meeting.

Alicia Reyes felt a “dejá vu” 

José Luis Cabello translated the blog post into Spanish.

That first meeting was really difficult. I didn´t know how the Heads of my school would react but I had to at least try to show them something that I was almost sure would motivate students.

Two week ago I made my students complete a survey on how they felt learning with the computer and using different Web 2.0 tools. The reaction to my own surprise was that they enjoyed these classes much more than traditional English classes. Why do I write “to my own surprise” because students didn´t participate as I wanted because I had a very difficult course this year but after evaluating them I realized that they enjoyed their new learning experience.

Now I have an even more difficult task ahead of me. The school also realized that students are more motivated, particapated and improved their writing skills. With one of my classes we are working with IEARN  in a project called New York Global Youth Partners. You can follow the project in our classroom blog.

In two weeks I have to prepare a plan for the WHOLE SCHOOL. I´m not an IT specialist I´m only a Teacher that wanted my students to learn English in a different way. This will be a big challenge for me.


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