Presentations 2013

September 12th & 13th: Jornada de Talleres y Feria por parte del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

September 7th: SBS Argentina Webinar


September 5th: ESSARP Training Centre- Online Course

Picture 125August 31th: SBS Argentina Webinar

Picture 68


August 14th: ESSARP on the Road – St. Paul’s College: Teaching young learners with technology

Picture 11

August 10th: SBS Argentina Webinar

Picture 22

August 7th: ESSARP Training Centre

Using videos in your classroom- Online course

Picture 23

August 7th: ESSARP Training Centre

Digital Storytelling

Picture 23

July 26th: Share Convention in Buenos Aires.

Picture 3

July 17,18 & 19th: TELF Conference in Brazil

Picture 27

July 14th: WorldCALL in Glasgow, UK

Picture 16

July 11th: WorldCALL in Glasgow, UK

Courseware Presentation at WorldCALL

Picture 35

June 24th: Webinar for a school in San Juan on “Jazz up your classes with technology”.

Picture 39

June 20th: Webinar for Cambridge English

Picture 40

June 5th:Online e-moderator for ESSARP and ETAS.

English Teachers Association in Switzerland and ESSARP joined to offer a course on Digital Storytelling. Starting date: June 5th.

Picture 582

June 1st: IATEFL Chile

Picture 26


Giving three workshops and talks on Learning Technologies in the Classroom together with Gavin Dudeney and Penny Ur.

April 20th: Teachmeet Int’l

Picture 36

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