ICT in the classroom

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
Henry Brooks Adams

Today after reading Isil´s blog post I got inspired to write about an online course I have just finished moderating at Essarp.

This is not the first time that I give an online courses at Essarp. Two years ago together with ETAS English Teachers Association in Switzerland we offered a joint online course with Illya Arnet Clark for teachers in Argentina and Switzerland. It was such an enriching experience to unite teachers from different cultures.

These last two weeks several teachers attended an online course called ICT in the classroom to learn how to integrate and create different web 2.0 tools. Some teachers had already taken other courses with me and knew how to manage our online space. For those teachers who enrolled for the first time it was quite overwhelming at the beginning.

When teachers are motivated to become better teachers and are willing to innovate it is just amazing to see their creativity and talent in full swing. These teachers were able to create really inspiring e-portfolios. Some participants immediately tried the new tools with their learners and others shared these tools with the rest of their colleagues.

I would like to share some reflections made by the participants:

– Society is changing fast and it seems to me that education is following far behind!

– Parents believe that computing equals playing.

– Life is online, the school can`t stay offline.

– The whole education system is trying to change and it is not easy. I think we are in a transition era as educators. Little by little things are changing.

– It´s a great challenge of becoming digital teachers although we were not digital students ourselves !

– Technology not only can engage them but also let them be so creative!

– As teachers, that our most daring challenge is to turn the 19th century classroom into a 21st century one!

– The challenge  is for us to become digital teachers when we are part of this transition.

– If students don´t take action in their learning process they will never develop different abilities.

– Students want teachs to teach the how to think.

– Let´s create a blended environment.

I would like to thank this amazing group of teachers for their active participation and enriching collaboration.

Please check this PhotoPeach to take a look at some of their creations.

In June we are going to offer another online course together with Japan and Switzerland 🙂


  1. Dear Jennifer,

    Congrats on your online course! Training teachers in the use of technology is truly rewarding. 🙂

    Please share your thoughts after your summer course! 🙂

    All the best,


  2. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to keep on learning !!!
    I will be looking forward to enrolling any other course delivered by you.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I’m a Mathematics teacher from New Zealand. I’m keen to integrate ICT into my teaching more… Great to see these teacher training opportunities being offered! I hope you run one for NZ teachers soon 🙂 The reflections you shared from the participants were interesting, especially “Technology not only can engage them but also let them be so creative” – I’ve only just started to realise the power of technology for students’ creativity lately, I’m trying to explore it more. I think it’s harder in Maths but I want to make it work! 🙂

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