Invited as a guest speaker to give a Free Friday Webinar for American TESOL

I would like to thank Shelly Terrell for inviting me to give my first free webinar for American TESOL. Today I spoke about how to Jazz up you EFL classes with technology.  During the webinar I introduced some free and simple tools to start integrating technology in your teaching scenarios. Teachers need to provide digitally rich learning opportunities if they want to move forward and motivate their students. Then I showed some classroom examples on how my students are using digital storytelling tools in their classroom.

Looking forward to sharing more ideas in the near future.

Please check the following links and

Below you will find some comments on my presentation


  1. Thank you for a valuable insight into using technology in the classroom. If this was your first webinar you did really well (or was it your first webinar for tesol?)

    It was certainly interesting and I have learned a lot. Thank you

  2. Thank you Bob for joining me on Friday and I´m glad to found it interesting. This was my first time giving a webinar for American Tesol.
    I´m a teacher trainer in Argentina and offer free webinars once a month. This is something quite new in my country and I am so happy to be able to offer it for free.
    Let´s keep sharing and learning together.

  3. This is really helpful information. I have seen a few webinar’s in the past and from experience they have assisted me well in gaining a foundation or knowledge of a particular subject. In this case, the subject would vary having technology as the basis. This integration of learning would assist in my math and science classes.

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