Games for young learners

This is the second time I deliver a presentation for TeachMeet Int’l hosted by Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel.

TeachMeet features free “micro” presentations from teachers around the world. It is an unplugged an informal gathering of teachers who show and share incredible ideas and activities for your classroom. Today there were 33 teachers from 20 countries willing to learn from each other. For more information about this event please check

My presentation was about how to use Moshi Monsters with young learners. I´ve been using this virtual game with them for a long time and the results are amazing.

Here is a screenshot of my 3 minute presentation.


Feel free to explore my slides and start integrating virtual games in your classroom.



  1. I am teaching a course on integration technology and the participants are mainly Primary school teachers whereas my area of expertise is more High School and adults. I mention Moshi Monsters in my session on Online games but my teachers need more ideas on how to exploit it with their pupils – will add a link to your blog to the course.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Please feel free to share these ideas with your teachers.

    If they are planning to create a Moshi Monster for their classroom be aware that the monster becomes sad and grumpy if don´t play with it. Sometimes it´s better to share your password with your students to keep the monster happy.

    All the best

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