I´m back!!

Dear Blog:

I´ve tried to update some of my on-line discoveries and adventures but it was just impossible to keep an organised track of a very rewarding year.
As I look back at 2011, reflecting on achievements, I can safely say that I´m grateful to have enjoyed a busy year full of new goals and challenges.

It´s time to share with you the reason why I´ve been away. The events are not in chronological order.

– Invited to participate in the first free IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG. Please check this Photopeach video http://photopeach.com/public/swf/story.swf

SBS International sponsored me to attend Faapi in Santiago de Tucumán. I delivered a pre-conference workshop of 6 hours together with Rita Zeinstejer and a joint presentation at Faapi.
-Awarded with the BESIG scholarship to attend IATEFL in Glasgow in 2012.
-Delivered a very short presentation at TeachMeet International where I had the chance to meet amazing teachers worldwide.
-My blog was added to http://blogs.onestopenglish.com a service offered by http://www.onestopenglish.com.
-Selected by Essarp to share my online experience training teachers from Switzerland with the rest of the Teachers Trainers in Buenos Aires.
-Chosen to share my blog posts with teachers from India http://www.englishteachingdaily.com/2011/11/using-visuals-to-introduce-halloween-activities.
-Invited to work with Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Özge Karaoğlu Ergen, Esra Girgin,Shelly Terrell, David Dodgson and Michelle Worgan in the upcoming free EVO online workshop: Digital Storytelling with Young Learners! An incredible group of educators!!!
-Moderated Jazz Up your Classes with Technology an online course offered by ESSARP (Argentina) and ETAS (Switzerland).
-Invited to join The Round with an amazing group of ELT professionals http://the-round.com/2011/10/the-round-takes-shape/. Together with Özge Karaoğlu Ergen we are writing our first ebook.
–  Invited by ETAS English Teachers Association in Switzerland to give a webinar on “Global trends in Language Learning in the 21st century” on September 17.
-Move Up in Rosario invited me to deliver a face-to-face workshop in Rosario.
-Won the Reform Symposium Teacher Learning Community Prize :-)))
-Attended APIBA’s 40th Birthday Celebration! http://photopeach.com/album/19q7n82
-Delivered my first presentation for the  Ministry of Education in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Invited as a guest speaker at III Jornadas Internacionales TIC aplicadas a la enseñanza de la lengua in Córdoba http://www.lenguas.unc.edu.ar/tics/acerca.html
-Finally sat for the Swiss citizenship exam in French. Had to study most of the summer to be able to speak in French.

-Winner of a scholarship to attend a course at NILE Norwich Institute for Language Education in London in July 2013.
-Delivered the first online presentation for URUTESOL.

-Interviewed by Shelly Terrell after obtaining the Consultants-e scholarship on ICT in the classroom validated by Trinity College.

-Stephen Downes helped my language class http://www.downes.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi?post=55436

-Had my second radio inteview with Baires Capital.

-Created Techools4educators together with Rita Zeinstejer to help teachers integrate ICT in their daily teaching scenarios. It was a huge success. SBS Argentina hired us to deliver several Webinar for free locally and internationally.

-Started a Master´s degree in Environmental Management. Passed 12 subjects in one year. It was hard work but really worth the effort.

-Invited to represent Argentina at the British Council summer school to be held in Buenos Aires on February 2012.

Maybe I am missing several things but just wanted to share with you some of my achievements in 2011. I hope everybody a wonderful 2012 full of joy and happiness.

May all your dreams come true 🙂

Finally I ´m back online devoting some time to my dear blog.



  1. Dear Jennifer (my soul sis)
    I know several people, who have made a significant change in their own lives,
    However, I barely know any who have made a significant difference in other people’s lives.
    You have made significant difference in my life, even without knowing it yet…
    You rock and inspire me,
    Your happiness is my happiness, my friend!
    I would like to give you a blessing, so you continue to effect and change people for the better 🙂
    You are such a brave and clever woman!
    And of course to wish you a Happy 2012! May you always be blessed with good health and joy in your life.
    With Love,
    Your Carioca Sis,

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