Using visuals to introduce Halloween activities

Visuals reinforce concepts and vocabulary. They add variety and emphasis to presentations. 3M/Wharton School study (1981) and the University of Minnesota/3M study (1986). They conclude that there are three areas in particular where the use of visuals can improve presentations:

To improve communication effectiveness

To improve audience’s perceptions of presenter

To improve speaker’s confidence

After reading this research I started using some really motivating and visually attractive websites with young learners to engage them in Halloween activities.

Feel free to use these websites with your students.

1) Learning chocolate offers a wonderful link with engaging activities for young learners.

Click on the image

2) Allow your students to review the previous vocabulary by using Taggalaxy to search for new vocabulary.

3) If you are a very busy teacher just download these ready-made presentations on Halloween

Click on the image

4) Make your students guess the Halloween jigsaw puzzle image

Click on the image

5) Allow your students to create their own Halloween story

Click on the image

6) Read a Halloween story created by a student online. Inspire your students to create and share their own story.

Click on the image



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  2. Having been out trick or treating for hours this year with my children, I think I will stick to games like the above to keep them entertained. It was a nightmare!

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas for getting some learning motivation via Halloween. I missed it this year but it’s book marked and on my calendar for next year.

    best wishes,

  4. Halloween has really started to take off over here in England now, more and more people are happy to take part in the event, which is great for the kids.

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