Writing Argumentative Essays

Currently I am teaching Language at a Bilingual school in Buenos Aires. My students prepared some really nice videos explaning what is an Argumentative essay. This is the first time they publish their work online.

I need your help to choose the best video and  to show my students the importance of having their work published even if there are some mistakes.

Please if you can take a few minutes to watch the three videos and choose the best one. Click in the link a the bottom of the four videos to cast your vote.

Thank you so much!!!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Click on this link to vote for the best video



  1. Excellent work, the three videos are really great, learners look engaged and motivated. I´ll ask my own students to make commernts on them; it´s really worth. Thanks for sharing. Cristina Reboredo.

  2. thanks – a great idea
    I liked the third video because it was in a differnt style – it caught my attention well – I liked how it was conversational.
    Althought the second one was very good too.
    The subtitles helped me to hear what each person was saying in the thrid video too – and that helped me alot.

    Thanks for the opportunity to seee your work!

    good job everyone!

  3. I´m so sorry I only mentioned three of the videos in my last comment when the four of them are so good. Congratulations, also,for the fourth group, you show you´ve worked hard on your project too. Congrats.!!!

  4. Hi! I think the three videos are good and different,my favourite is video 2 because I liked how the first speaker clearly explained how you should do a writing.Besides It was funny when Catalina gave her classmat a nudge.Well done. Jessica Dominguez

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