31 websites to teach different parts of the body

Man has made many machines, complex and cunning, but which of them indeed rivals the       workings of his heart?                                                  Pablo Casals

This year students are really enjoying the work done in the wiki and they keep learning after school. We are using different technologies to support and enhance students´learning.

As there will always be more technology and tools to integrate in our classroom, I would like to share the links I´m using with my students to learn different parts of the body.

You can find these links on the simply box I created for my students or just follow my visual online calendar and choose March.

Feel free to share the websites you are using with young learners.

Kids Learning Games for Body Parts


Parts of the Body: Guess the word

Guessing game

Find out how you move and grow

Interactive website

Body Parts exercise

Interactive body parts

Sing and learn

Create your own face and win coins

Portrait Illustrator Maker

Several different games to learn parts of the body

Part of the body Wordsearch

Crossword with timer

Free body parts worksheets

Vocabulary quiz with images


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