Cool websites for Interactive Whiteboards

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

Creativity and innovation are key factors that allow teachers to transform and improve. It is not the tool that makes a difference but choosing and using the best tool for your educational purpose. Teachers are scared to innovate using technology but there are really simple ways of motivating your students. Today I would like to share some nice websites you can easily integrate in your classrooms. The biggest advantage is that they are very visual and interactive.

Have fun exploring these new websites and please share the ones you use with your classroom.

EcoZoo is one of the best Pop-up books I´ve seen. The sound is perfect and the images are really engaging.

Kids Interactive Whales allows student to discovery and learn more about whales and dolphins.

Life size whale Have you ever been near a whale? If you haven´t this is an incredible website that transports you to be near a life size whale.

iboard is a superb educational website. I used this well designed website with very young learners the whole year.

Talking calculator allows students to learn Math in a different way.

Save the words is a new website from Oxford University Press that seeks to prevent the extinction of words that are endangered.


About jenverschoor

I´m a University Professor. I´m also a Public Translator and hold a Bachellor degree in Educational Management. I´m eager to learn new ways of incorporating CALL into my classes.

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  1. The ecozoo is so neat! I had forgoten about it, it looks like they have added to it! Thanks for the great reminder. Happy New Year!

  2. I am really glad I was able to remind you something. Keep sharing all the great stuff you do.

  3. All is accurate and on business. It is well written, I thank.

  4. Great info, thanks. Been visiting your pages frequently and found alot of great tips. Keep up the great work!

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