Teaching Geography with Twitter

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

Stacia Tauscher

Last week I could not give classes in  the computer lab at school because Secondary students were sitting for their IGCSE exams. Luckily I was able to use the brand new netbook in Junior 5. My idea was to show them all the different things they have been working with this year. Currently they are blogging with students from Switzerland. This group loves to create online content because they are very creative.

I bought a world map and hung it next to our projector. Then I opened my Twitter account and posted:

Everytime we received a new tweet they clapped and one student was in charge of adding a pin to our World map. It was just amazing to see how they enjoyed this simple activity that brought the world to their classroom.

Today I will be repeating the same activity with Junior 1, 2 and 3.

Join our project by sending a Tweet to @jenverschoor and tell us where are you from.

Check the different countries that have joined us.

Places learnt on October 28

Hi from Green Bay, WI!! @@smkohl Canada

Hi! I’m from Bahía Blanca, Argentina.@barbaratp1978

Hello from College Park, Maryland USA @ssharp66

Hi from wet and windy Liverpool, UK! Have a great geography lesson :-)) @eslcourses

Hello from Rosario, Argentina! Enjoy your lesson! @Mtranslator

Hello from Louisville, KY… Home of the largest baseball bat in the world… @JeremyRenner

Hi from Istanbul, Turkey! 😉 @IsilBoy

Hi there! I’m not far from Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England – enjoy your lesson! :)) @Amandalanguage

Hello from Cambridge, England! @ericbaber

hey everyone. I’m Emma, from Windsor in the UK (near London). Enjoy Geography via Twitter – very exciting! @EHerrod

Hello! I’m in Perthshire in Scotland, UK, where it’s very rainy & windy today! @cgoodey

Hello! I’m from the UK (Cornwall) but I live in Spain – in Barcelona @dudeneyge

Places  learnt on November 2nd

Hi, students of @jenverschoor! My name is Neny and I’m from #Salatiga city in #Indonesia. It’s in #Java island.

“Hello to Jennifer’s Geography students. My name is Candace, and I am from Alberta, Canada. No snow yet, but it should be arriving soon. I would love to be added to your map. Enjoy Geography class — what you learn will last a lifetime!”

cecilialcoelho @jenverschoor Hi Sabrina! I’m from Recife, a city in the northeastern coast of Brazil!

teadira @jenverschoor Hello Sabrina, nice to meet you. I am from Venezuela, and you?

lydbury @jenverschoor Lydbury North in Shropshire. Put SY7 8AU into maps.google.co.uk and there we are

cgoodey@jenverschoor Hi Sabrina & everyone! I’m in the middle of Scotland in the UK where it’s very windy, rainy and dark at the moment!

helen100463 @jenverschoor hello from Grenoble in France to Geography students in Buenos Aires

nenyish Hi, students of @jenverschoor! My name is Neny and I’m from #Salatiga city in #Indonesia. It’s in #Java island.

itesl_institute @jenverschoor Hi Students!! Have fun using twitter in your class with Jennifer!!

danuzag @jenverschoor I am from Rio De Janeiro in the Southeast of Brazil! Hello!

eannegrenoble @jenverschoor Hi guys – I’m in France, not far from Switzerland , see the mountain behind my house http://twitpic.com/33bp00

ssharp66 @jenverschoor Hi from College Park MD

Places learnt on November 4th

cliving@jenverschoor Hello from Spencer, Indiana, USA. Here’s what our wood looked like two weeks ago: http://flic.kr/p/8QEziP

Shaunwilden @jenverschoor Good afternoon, I am in Oxford, England where night has just fallen and so its very dark outside

alanmills405 @jenverschoor Basingstoke.Mediumsize town just to the south west of London. Known as Donut City because of its roundabouts (traf circles)

cgoodey @jenverschoor Hello Junior 5. I live in Perthshire in Scotland, UK, and I’m just home from work. Enjoy your lesson!

Power Point presentations created by students




  1. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute idea. I would have totally loved this when I was a kid. I love the idea of incorporating technology in the classroom, but most of the time when I’m thinking about how, it’s very individual. Here you made a group activity out of it. Cool:)

  2. Hi, Jenny!
    I like very much your idea. Congratulation!!!
    I thing that’s a good way to join English and Geography at school.

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