I want to start integrating technology in my classroom. Where should I start?

Last week was a really hectic week. On Monday I gave a presentation at Pearson, on Tuesday I have a presentation at SBS Martinez and on Wednesday I gave a presentation at Essarp.

This time I had the pleasure to give the presentations on Monday and Tuesday with Vance Stevens and Rita Zeinstejer.  It´s always great to meet these inspiring Webheads who have revolutionized the way we can use computers to teach English. Vance elaborated a document with some of the links we used for the presentation. Please take a look at Baffled in Cyberworld.

Our presentation focused on how teachers can develop their own personal learning networks to practice continuous lifelong learning and ‘teacher autonomy’ before applying these concepts to students. The audience was overwhelmed with all the information we gave them.

After the presentations many teachers sent me an email asking this very simple question: I am planning to integrate ICT in my English classes. Where should I start?

Where did you start?

Who inspired you?

Was failure part of your learning process?



  1. Hi, Jen:

    Pity I could not attend your presentations in Buenos Aires 😦
    We have been very busy lately.

    I will answer your questions.

    Where did you start? I started learning about technology at home. Yes! I started learning about technology with a book. How ironic, isn´t it? In the late 80’s, I bought a “new” computer with Windows and did not know how to use it. Internet was not popular then , so I bought a manual and started exploring the possibilities that soft offered.

    Who inspired you? Well, first: my curiousity and if I have to mention mentors, I must say that Norma Sacagnoli and Dafne Gonzalez introduced me to the Internet, and then Webheads: Teresa, Dennis, Vance, Doris, Moira, Ibrahim, you …

    Was failure part of your learning process? Obviously! Learning is a try and check process, isn´t it?

    Warm regards, Nelba

  2. Isn`t it amazing that after so many years working together I never knew how you started integrating techonology.

    Thank you for sharing your story and I really hope more teachers join us in this new teaching world 🙂

  3. Where did I start?
    In 1995 my father passed and with some of my inheritance, I purchased a computer. And my friend signed me up with AOL and within 2 weeks I was looking for education stuff and found the Homework Help and within 3 months I was a tutor for AOL. and daily, I would have to find answers to kids questions — some that I found on the spot.
    And then I found a site called LVSOnline that had tutorials — so I took some classes and then in 3 months, I was teaching for them.
    And then in 1999, I hosted my first online project and within 2 days had to learn Webpage design, excel, mail merge, and various other skills………

    LOL — and all this went right back into the classroom and as I learned, they learned. 🙂

    I have always been fascinated with computers — but until I owned my own, I had no idea how much it would impact my life.

    Who Inspired me —
    Classroom connect had conferences I would attend — and my first inspirations with David Warlick, Tony Brewer, Alice Christie, Patrick Crispin, Gaily Lovely, and Leslie Fisher.

    Was failure a part —
    Grins — IS failure a part?
    Yep, daily. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
    I learn daily……


  4. Start by finding one piece of technology that you want to use with students. For me it was http://www.starfall.com. I used it with my second grade students, it had such an impact on them and their learning that I quickly became hooked and wanted to find all of the learning websites I could get my hands on.

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