Part 1: Winter break sites for young learners

A great way to keep children entertained during our winter holiday is to allow them to play online games and learn English at the same time. This year I have been integrating several online games in my classes.

Here is a list of the best websites according to my students and divided by levels.

Kinder 5 best websites

Kids safari

Kinder 5 loves this website. They practice spelling by collecting the flying letters that spell the words chosen by the computer or type up to eight words you want your students to practice.  If you touch a bird or animal one balloon will pop.

Matching exercises

Nice visual site to match different images with the correct word. There is a timer for each game. Match school objects, family members, playground objects, animals, different parts of the face and food.

Learning Planet

Students have to complete the missing letter. Really nice activity for students who still haven`t learned the alphabet because they can check the alphabet before each game. Kinder 5 students really enjoys this website.

Junior 1 best websites

Switch zoo

Students love to create their own animal. They can change the head, body and tail of several animals and create their own crazy animal. Students can read the facts of each animal, add a title and a story to their own animal creation.

Spelling city

This is one of my favourite websites. I created a word list for my studens to learn new vocabulary. In order to create a word list you need to become a member. Students are able to learn words through several engaging games.

Connect the dots

Students enjoy connecting the dots and guessing what animal they have created. At the beginning the game is very easy but as you advance it becomes harder.

Please drop by soon to check Part 2 of Winter break sites for young learners.


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