Teaching spelling to young learners

Too much that is known about how to teach spelling isn’t being put into practice. I can think of no subject we teach more poorly or harbor more myths about than spelling.Richard Gentry, 1987

Teaching spelling has always been a concern for most teachers. Nowadays in the day-to-day change that occurs in education we are able to involve students in their our spelling using different Web 2.0 tools. They become autonomous learners and acquire spelling skills through games and they can even create their own spelling games.

Find below a list of different website to enhance spelling and feel free to use them with your young learners.

Spelling Time: Offers two different ways to learn spelling. The Spelling Program where you learn, practice and test your own word list and LiveSpelling Bee with word lists by grade level. Grade 3 and up.

Spelling City Create your own spelling list and allow students to choose from the great variety of games. Grade 1 and up.

Interactive games and activities: Choose from a wide variety of online games to enhance spelling.

Spelling Wizard: Enter 10 words to study. This websites offers to possibility to create Spelling Scramble or a Word Search. Grade 2 and up.

Everglades Spelling: Students must choose the animal they want to race with and they must figure out  the missing letter. Grade 4 and up.

Kid Safari: Create your own game using only 8 letter words. Choose the game level and use the arrows to move the boy with the balloon towards the correct letter.

Steller Speller: Take a look at the picture and spell it. Grade 2 and up.

Spelling Connections: Choose three different ways to improve spelling. Spelling and Thinking, Spelling and Writing, Spelling and Reading.

Language Arts Spell it!: Offers a wide collection of spelling websites.

When it comes to spelling there are students that are great spellers. Take a look at some  wonderful online examples on how to use different Web 2.0 tools to teach spelling.

Using Voicethread

Create your own spelling activities with Quia. Take a look at 5th grade spelling activities using Quia.

Edugloster spelling Alphabet.

Use Voki to help your students spell.

Make your students add the new words they are able to spell in a Wallwisher.

How are you teaching spelling? Are you using Web 2.0 tools to motivate your students?


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