Blogging tips by Karenne Sylvester

Our guest speaker for Widen your classroom with blogs online course offered by Essarp and Etas was Karenne Sylvester

Please read the wonderful tips from our blogging Queen . Her blog is a true inspiration for many teachers.

Her first blog didn`t work mainly due to privacy issues.

Things changed when she created a mission for her blog.

In 2008 she created KalinagoEnglish to turn the way we think about teaching. She used her voice to control it and you grow through it.

It is very exciting to read your old posts.

When you blog for language learners you have  a purpose, autonomy and master it.

Never tell student to go and blog because that never works. You give a task and allow them to take it as far as they want.  Then you provide constructive feedback.

Type of activities her students have done is microblogging. Writing a grammar explanation in L1. Students created a slideshow explaining the difference between the present perfect and the present continuous.

As regards learning vocabulary one of her students took picture of her office and labelled them and added them to their blog. Keep a record of the new words.

Another student created a list of idioms that go with the word meeting.

A blog is like an on-line notebook where you can record your ideas and thoughts.

A blog can supplement a coursework or even be a means to create and develop content.

Main problem with blogging:

Time management

When, how and what to blog

Resistance to technology

Blogging is a replacement for a notebook.

A blog is a conversation and when you are beginning you do not have anybody to talk with. You have no feedback. This is very different from writing a book. You do not blog for yourself you blog for others.

Possibilities for improvement

URL address of your blog should match the address of your blog.

Always re-read your posts.

Use short paragraphs.

Stick to black for text.

Do not add your email address to your blog.

Be different if you want to communicate and blog for other teachers. You need an audience.

Have something to say that is interesting.

The most important tip: READ OTHER BLOGS.


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