The power of our PLN

It was a rainy Saturday and I was heading to a nearby bookstore to give my first presentation on how to use Twitter in education. My greatest fear what not to have Internet access because I wanted to use Twitter to engage the audience. This was accomplished thanks to my wonderful Twitter followers.

I tweeted the following:

and these were the answers I instantly received

I was totally amazed by the huge response. Teachers from different parts of the world immediately joined our conversation. This idea of being connected with so many wonderful teachers around the world is something I would have never imagined when I graduated from College long time ago.

Yesterday I also had another amazing surprise to see that a teacher was inspired to use images in her classroom when I tweeted the following ” 60 best movie posters of all time

Please read her blog post

Where did all these conversations take place before twitter was invented?

This is just becoming a more and more powerful tool for teachers who are willing to share and learn from others.

Where are we heading? Do you visualize no boundaries in our profession where the biggest power are teachers and their creative teaching methods?


One comment

  1. Great job! I often wonder how I managed for most of my life without Twitter, now I can’t imagine life without it. I rely on it for professional development, idea sharing, friendships, and news.

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