Internet Safety for Kids

We are moving forward to an information age, computers are part of our students daily activities. As teachers we must teach our students how to appropriately use technology in a safe manner. How can we teach them internet safety rules in an attractive and engaging way? Below you will find several links I used with my primary students. Students can earn a 4Kids Surftificate if they know how to avoid problems on the web. The game is about Earl, the Safe Surfer, who loves to surf both on the Web and in the water. But sometimes he runs in to trouble. How can Earl stay safe when he surfs the Internet?

Web Wise offers four different options to learn how to be safe online. You can play surfwise, chatwise, gamewise and sharewise. The websites are very interactive and engaging for students.





Cyber Tree House is an interactive game that offers many different possiblities. Watch videos, play games, learn about cyber safety and cool website to learn different things.








Disney Safe Surfing allows students and parents to learn how to keep safe online.





Internet Safety videos

Safe Internet

Real life stories

Online Quizzes

Take the quiz from the attorney´s general site



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