Why do we blog?

As a teacher trainer this is the most common question I have to answer

Why do you blog?

My blog:

  • allows me to express myself freely
  • is a place where I think, plan and reflect
  • is a place to collaborate and share with others
  • is a tool I use to play with technology
  • is a place where I dialogue with visitors
  • shares my online discoveries
  • has become a very important tool for my professional development

With the advent of the World Wide Web I am able to ask this question to my wonderful PLN. Below you will find the answers from my Twitter followers.

Why do Webheads blog?

Please take a look at the mixbook http://www.mixbook.com/photo-books/education/why-do-we-blog-4609597 I created with the answers I gathered from this vibrant and inspiring group

Why do other teachers blog? Let´s read what they have to say.

Why do we blog? Sandrill Trek

Why do I blog? Jennifer Wagner

Do you blog? Teacher Tech

After reading so many interesting posts on why teachers blog I would like to know Why do you blog?



  1. I blog to encourage written comunication with my students
    I blog to document and reflect what I have learned on-line
    I blog to be a part of an active community
    I blog to learn.

  2. Great reflections on blogging! I blog to keep track of all the great tools and ideas for teaching and learning. I blog to connect with other educators. I blog to learn and grow. I blog to model life long learning for my students.

  3. I fully agree with ktenkely! I blog to connect, collaborate, inquire! I also blog to record my thoughts before I forget them and organise great tools. Blogging gives me a voice, blogging is being involved and joining the conversation.

  4. Interesting to reflect on.
    My New Year’s Resolution was to start blogging and I have taken the first steps.Why? I want to use my blog as a place to reflect, communicate, collaborate and to save great ideas and tools, as the others before me have mentioned. Why did it take so long? Fear of laying myself bare? Maybe. Anyway, here’s to some interesting times ahead.

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