A dream came true

This is the kind of post I would like all teachers to share. Finally I have a computer in the classroom!!!!

As from March I am working as the ICT English Coordinator at a Bilingual school in the Province of Buenos Aires. After so many years integrating technology as an after school activity this year I have the whole computer lab!!! I must coordinate the effective use of ICT across the whole curriculum and encourage aspects of cross-curricular planning in the English department.

This was a  job that I had been waiting for a long time!!!

I created a wiki that is still under construction because I started this new position last week.

The wiki is our online classroom book where students will not only learn about computers but also how to use different Web 2.0 tools to learn English. I am also planning a cross-curricular online project on Digital Storytelling.

All the knowledge acquired throughout these years has been possible thanks to the most vibrant and inspiring online community “Webheads in Action”. I would also like to thank all my PLN for guiding me, and making me what I am today.



  1. Congrats, dear Jenny, for your dream job. They are lucky to have YOU. Wish you all the best and look forward to your further explorations and experiments. 🙂
    A big hug from Slovenia

  2. A huge congratulations Jennifer! Your new projects also sound absolutely wonderful 🙂

    Nicky Hockly
    Barcelona, Spain

  3. Nina I remember our chats when you told me how you use technology in your classroom. Finally I will be able to teach with technology in the classroom. Really glad about it and thank you for your nice words!!!

  4. This is so great, Jennifer. Congratulations. Your students are very lucky to have you. You are all going to have a blast online 😉 Best

  5. Thank you Nicky and Sasa for your lovely words!! There are still many things to learn and to explore. This is exactly what I like about this position…you are a never ending learner.
    Warm regards

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