Using Twitter Part II

Twitter offers endless possibilities. How can we use it in our classroom to engage our students? Below you will find some clear examples on how to use this powerful tool.

Twitpic allows you to share pictures on Twitter. How can we use this in our classrooms? I`ve just found a wonderful article by Prudue University giving several examples on how we can use Twitpic in an elementary setting and in a secondary setting.

Tweetgrid allows you to follow up to 9 students at the same time. Everytime a new tweet is created, the grid is automatically updated.

QuoteURL for twitter can be used to quote students best ideas in one single page with a permanent URL.

To collaborate on projects

We can use several set up group applications if we are planning to work together on project. Below are some Twitter applications that will help facilitate the communication among the people participating in the project.

Tweetworks You can create a private group for your conversation.

Twitter lists Makes it easy to follow your students tweets.

Twitter groups Create a close group to follow your students tweets.

Use Twittories to participate in creating a story where each person can add 140 characters to contribute to the story as a whole.



  1. Twitter can do so much for the classroom, these are excellent ideas. I hadn’t seen Twittories before, what an excellent idea for creating a collaborative class story!

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