It´s fun to learn vocabulary

VocabAhead is a very interesting website because learning vocabulary can be FUN.

We help students in building and expanding their vocabulary. We help and support educators in teaching vocabulary. We eat, drink and breathe vocabulary! So our team decided that the name of our website should portray what we enjoy doing most and that is of course, helping everyone with their vocabulary. So, that is the reason we are changing the name of the website from WordAhead to VocabAhead.

English Central is an ideal website to learn vocabulary and at the same time enhance your listening skills. First login to be able to choose from the wide range of categories. There are different levels therefore choose the video that best fits your English level. Listen to the videos with the subtitles and then record your voice.

Spin and Spell is a very visual website ideal for young learners to improve their vocabulary skills.  There is a basic set of words you can choose from Transport, Clothes, Food, House and Animals. The wheel will spin if you are able to write correctly the picture you clicked on.

How can students learn all these new words? You can use a cool tool called The Spelling Wizard

Students have to type in 10 new words and they can choose between these two games on how they want to practice the spelling of the new vocabulary they learned.


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