Visual Search Engines

Currently I am giving an ICT Teacher Training course for Teachers of English. Most of the them use Google as their favourite search engine. As a google fan I really find google to be an excellent tool for teachers but the web is becoming image and video based. Therefore  I would to show different ways of searching for information through Visual Search Engines. Below you will find a list of the most common ones. You can create visual map where related results are linked between them.

Oskope: is a visual search assistant that lets you browse and organize items from Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, Fotolia, Yahoo!Image
Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, Fotolia, Yahoo!Image Search and YouTube in an intuitive way

Viewzi: With Viewzi, you can get results from Google, Yahoo!, and dozens of other great places–all arranged into unique “Views”, each custom-tailored for that content.


Eyeplorer: It is still in beta. Aims at radically improving the way users interact with knowledge and information online.

TouchGraph:is more precisely a visualization tool (Java-based) for exploring connections between related websites.


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