To integrate ICT: the journey of a teacher

Currently I am working in two different schools in the Northern area of Buenos Aires. I feel blessed to be able to teach using the Smartboard in one of the schools. This smartboard was a donation made by one of the parents 4 years ago and I was the first one to use it in the classroom.

As you all know I love technology not only because I consider it a never ending learning process but I have learned throughout the years that it is not the technology what is important but what you do with it.

When the class finished the students left saying:
Miss thank you very much for this class.
We had a great time.
I will tell everybody about this class.
It was great to listen to songs in the classroom and learn so many new words visually.

Bottom line. They were happy. I haven´t felt a class so happy for such a long time.

What are educators missing? What is happening to the traditional classroom? What will happen when these girls have to face  other classes were this technology is not being used? What happens if they don´t want to continue learning in the traditional way?


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