Web tools for teachers

Next week I must give a Teacher Training course on how to use Web tools to enhance teaching and learning. There is ample evidence that many of these tools motivate digital native students.

I have done some research that I would like to share with you.
You will find several interesting tools you can use in the classroom. Tools are easy to download and the instructions are very clear and simple.

Sue LeBeau has a wonderful website offering an enormous variety of tools for our classroom. These tools range from Quiz Generators, Worksheets & Flashcards, Games and Puzzles, Certificates & Charts, Forms, Surveys & Calenders, Miscellaneous Tools, Templates for the classroom, Places to post homework and Bookmarks. We can spent weeks discovering new ideas for our classroom!!!

In this site be ready to explore endless possibilities for you classroom. Below I copied all the different sites you can explore.

Create Worksheets, Forms, etc. Teacher/Student Search Engine Lesson Plans Online Posting
Free Pre-Made Work Sheets Lesson plan for searching Lesson Plans for Special Ed Unique Tools
Online Quiz Makers Safe e-mail for the classroom Webquests Greeting Cards
Rubrics Teacher Portals References Biographies
Graphic  Organizers Assistive Technology Links Digital Libraries
Templates for Teachers

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