I use technology without a computer in the classroom

This year I have been doing a thorough research on how to teach digital natives. At one of the school where I am currently working they  allowed me to integrate technology. I have been struggling for years to show the potential we have as teachers to use different kind of technology in the classroom. Amazingly I teach technology without a computer in the classroom and as there is no wi-fi I can´t bring my laptop.

The group was very special as most of them were really keen on integrating technology but to my surprise they were not ready to face the challenges of becoming a 21st century student. They had to learn netiquette rules as well as the several online tools we constantly used.

I created two online spaces. One for Senior 1 www.englishhub.ning.com and one for Middle 3 www.englishwithtechnology.com

They took a survey after using our Ning for two months. The results were very positive and it was very good to have a different channel of communication. Some complained that they didn´t want the Ning to be compulsory.

Take a look at a video I created by one of my students

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