Using Interactive Whiteboards

A beginner´s Guide to IWB

Interactive Whiteboads are a phenomenal tool. Have you ever heard about them before? Did you know that most  school in the UK have one in their classroom? According to an organization named Futuresource Consulting, one in seven classrooms in the world will have interactive whiteboards by the year 2011.

There are many different brand names:
SMART Board,Promethean, eBeam, Mimio, and Webster are some of the most widely used.

They replace the traditional blackboard or whiteboard. In Argentina most schools still use chalk therefore this new board is really a big step towards integrating technology in the classroom.

Two months ago I was hired by a school in the Northern Area of Buenos Aires. They were really interested that I knew how to use Interactive Whiteboards because they had one 4 year in the school basement!!!!

A new journey started. I took a course long time ago and had to refresh my knowledge. Luckily with the advent of the web 2.0 we can nowadays become autonomous learners. The biggest advantage of being a networked teacher is that with a great webhead Joao Alves we are both investigating and learning how to integrate IWB in our daily teaching. Therefore we created a wiki to jot down our discoveries. Please join us in this conversation by joining our wiki.

Why do teachers love Smartboard? Check this wall wisher.

Listen to this inspiring podcast on how different teachers discuss the advantages and disadvantages of IWB.


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