Web Donations

This year we used a private Ning with my students. In one of the blog posts I added different ways to learn vocabulary. I shared with them the website Free Rice. They really liked it!!!
Take a look at some comments.

They started to investigate other Web donations websites and compiled this long list.

Donations: Only 1 click

http://clicknfeed.t35.com/freerice.php – Free Rice
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/freeflour.php – Libre Pan
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/freepoverty.php – Lotes de agua libre!
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/helpthirst.php – Libre agua
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/bhook.php – Solo Clic!
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/givingbutton.php – Solo Clic!
Dar http://clicknfeed.t35.com/smallthingschallenge.php 25 centavos GRATIS!
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/pajacyk.php – Haga clic en el botón verde!
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/ripple.php – Solo Clic!
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/feedsa.php – Haga clic en el botón blanco!
http://clicknfeed.t35.com/hungerfighters.php – Haga clic en el cuadro verde!


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