Social Networking 2009 Online Conference: a big success!

Social Networking Team

Closing Words for this Conference

I am very happy with the success of this Conference. Not only we were very delighted to have our guest speakers who made this Virtual Event a special and unique one, but we also had forum sessions that were quite attractive and lively on very interesting topics. I hope you leave this Virtual Conference with the idea that we are connected to the world and that we want to maintain the channel open to learn together how to integrate technology into our language classrooms.

We are delighted that there have been 672 participants from all continents registered in the Social Networking: Thriving as a community of practice Virtual Conference forums in moodle. During the numerous online presentations several key concepts have been shared and conversations are still carrying on in our Forums.

I would especially thank all our guest speakers and everybody who gave so much of their time and their capabilities to organize the conference: AVEALMEC and ARCALL members, moderators and the technical supporting team.

Among the key concepts, Etienne challenged us by introducing a key concept that will certainly help us understand how technology needs to meet the communities of practice needs and his members would need to become “Technology stewards in order to have enough experience of the workings of a community to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with or interest in technology to take leadership in addressing those needs. Stewarding typically includes selecting and configuring technology, as well as supporting its use in the practice of the community.” We also need to remember Siemens´words “the limits we´ve known in the past are no longer limits” and Vance`s ones “Knowledge dissimenates through communities and networks”.

I would like to finish with a combination of Nik and Nicky Hockly`s talk “Teachers are like sharks. If they don´t move forward, they die.” Let`s keep moving in this wired and socially connected world.

I cannot close without thanking all of you again who have participated in this conference. We hope you have enjoyed this conference as much as we did. Looking forward to continue learning and sharing together in several social networks.

Teadira Pérez  President of AVEALMEC

Jennifer Verschoor President of ARCALL


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