A new communication WAVE

Google Wave

Today I got the invitation to join Google Wave.  In order to understand the Wave concept I googled it and found this clear explanation: “Google Wave integrates services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google IM and more into a single tool. Creating a Wave enables you to collaborate with your peers on documents in real time, watching them type and edit and allowing you to step in and make your own changes.”

As soon as I signed in to Google wave I got an invitation to join inspiring Webhead group. It was amazing to see how the Webhead Wave grew so quickly. Together we discovered several interesting features. My first reaction was to look for my email box!! You have chats and email conversations at the same time.

Seth has just created a wiki to help webhead join us in this new WAVE experience. If you still don´t have a google wave account please add you name and we will send you the invites.


Please check The complete Guide to Google Wave. Here you will find clear explanations on how to use Google Wave.

Happy Wave Learning!!




  1. Dear Vance,

    Why not add Google Wave to our session? We could call it the Multiliterate Wave communication.

    We are all eager to learn together this is the webhead spirit. There will be a session on Google Wave this coming Sunday at Elluminate.

    Hope to see you there

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