My connectivism journey

2903154085_e9741d490dLast week I enrolled in  the following course Connectivism & Connective Knowledge.

The course can be very overwhelming as there are so many different tools you have to be acquainted with. First you have to understand that this course is whatever you want it to be. My first glance at the syllabus make me remember the EVO session we gave with Vance Stevens last summer on Multiliteracies.

Participants can use: Diigo, Delicious, Twitter, blogs, wikis, Ning,RSS, moodle and different aggregators plus all the different  weekly readings. I love technology therefore none of these tools are unfamiliar but I truly understand the feeling of a teacher that just starts to integrate technology…it can be really disappointing and discouraging. But I have good news for all of you. If I was able to implement technology and learn about all these tools you can also do it!!! This is why connections are so important and sharing is the main ingredient for your Personal Learning Environment. Once you start connecting you don´t feel alone anymore. How do you start these connections? Just by contributing to each others work and in this course we will using our blogs as our main platform.

I was wondering that there are many teachers who don´t have the possibility to follow this course because they don´t know English. Therefore I started a wiki to share with other native Spanish speakers. Thank you Eduardo for your great contribution!!

We welcome you to join us 🙂

Please take a look at the following video to understand what is a Networked “Connected teacher”.

Do you feel identified with this video? Would you like to become this kind of teacher?


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