Creating blogs

-1 Last month I was hired by a school to start creating a new online communication  channel between the parents and the school.

Together with the kindergarten Head and one of the owners we started brainstorming how could Parents communication be improved by using technology.

We reached the conclusion that having individual blogs for kindergarten would generate a space where parents and their children can learn and have fun at the same time.

This new communication channel will start this week in our St.Matthew´s College  blog and a Youcube with all the videos.

Blog San Mateo

Personally I have many questions.

-Do parents need clear instructions on how to use a blog?

-Will they be able to navigate by themselves?

-Will this type of learning interfere with the traditional classroom?

Last week I was teaching English to my digital native daughter. It took me 1 hour to teach her the animals. She had obviously seen it in class but she had to reinforce some concepts. It was a nightmare…I was tired after a long working day…

The following day homeword was a real pleasure because I thought of motivating her to learn animals in a different way. I uploaded content in her blog and she kept asking for more activities at 1o:30 pm.

What is happening in the traditional classroom? We are not engaging students with new tools and many times this is due to lack of resources and knowledge.

Is it good to show her a different way of learning and how will this impact in her traditional classroom approach?

Sometimes as a mother I think that I should follow the school pedagogical approach….other times I know there is something much better for my children.


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