Creating Online material

joinwia2This year in February I moderated week 5 of Becoming a Webhead 2009. As a natural researcher I had to investigate these tools and their educational potential. Below you will find a list of the different tools that can make our teaching excel and our imagination grow. Be ready  to create quizzes, online sheets, interactive exercises and online surveys.

Tools to Explore

Discovery Channel

Example 1: quiz

Example 2: puzzle


Teachers can create online quizzes, tests, and activities. Each response can have a specific score value, and immediate feedback and custom explanations can be provided. Teachers can access results online as individual scores or in an Excel sheet format.

Video Tutorials




Tutorial on how to create a Quiz

Quiz Do you think you know the Web 2.o?

Tutorial on how to create a Flashcard




The ClassMarker online testing website is a professional, easy to use online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you

Frequently asked Questions



At WorldLearner you can learn words in almost any language using online exercises, printalbe worksheets and flashcards and free mobile phone software.


The mission for Quizlet is to make learning vocabulary not a chore. Amazingly it was created by a 15 year old student.

Demo tutorial



Business English Examples



Quia (free 30-day trial period)

Online worksheets

Worksheet Wizard Registration needed

Online Surveys and Poll creators
SurveyMonkey Tutorial
Doodle Doodle Help
MyStudiyo MyStudiyo FAQ

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