A unique teacher

Once you start integrating ICT in your daily teaching you join several online networks in order to become a constant learner. We learn from the ones who constantly share their knowledge. Most of them are inspiring teachers that show different ways of learning and teaching.

I fell so honoured to have Dafne Gonzalez as my Second Life mentor. She is an excellent example of constant sharing and collaboration . After watching the video below you will realize that she is a unique teacher. Whatever she does she inspires and motivates teachers to do their best for their students.

Thank you Daf for showing me a different world where your imagination is the limit!!!!



  1. Yes, Jennifer. Absolutely true. Dafne is an inspiring teacher as you are. I am proud to work with you both. Thank you Daf for your love and dedication.

  2. It is a great honour to be working with both of you!!! Distance is not a problem and technology has helped us to constantly be in touch and learn from each other!!! Thank you Evelyn for taking my same ride…and also being an inspiration for so many teachers!!!

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