Vicky´s blog is finalist!!!!

This started as a love story. My daughter as every child who is 4 years old loves to watch cartoons.

One day I had the idea of creating a blog with links to help her practise English in order to replace the TV and add the computer with links and information that I managed. At this stage I was only experimenting!!! It turned out to be a blast…she was thrilled!! Her friends came over to play and they wanted to learn the new songs that were in the blog.

If she was grounded she could not use the computer for a week….well to make a long story short the blog started out as a way of improving my daughters English through songs, videos and many other activities.

Last week her blog was selected as a finalist in the III Premio Espiral Edublogs 09.logo_edublogs_finalista200

Now my daughter is using her blog not only to learn English but also to communicate with other girls who live in Sudan, Japan and Venezuela. It is just amazing to see the outcome of something that started with love and continues spreading love all around the world because different mothers inspired by Vicky´s blog created a blog for their daughters.

Let´s continue spreading love all around the world!!!!



  1. Congratulations Jennifer! You should be very proud. You found a great way for your daughter to learn and network


  2. Dear Eduardo,

    Thank you very much for your nice words!! My daughter is really happy to be learning this way. Networking with different girls her age is enriching her learning even more.


  3. Hi Jenny
    I saw the award for your daughter’s blog- great job!!!!
    I’m sure she is learning so much with it, and I’ll by sending my son over to have a look as well.

    Big hugs

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