Our stay in Tokyo


The trip was really long and unfortunately we weren´t able to meet Erika in Altanta because her flight was cancelled. We met Evelyn on the plane and once we arrived to Narita airport Mr.Manabe Evelyn´s former Spanish student was waiting for us at the airport. He very kindly offered to be our tourist guide in Japan.

Today I got an email he wrote to us explaining all the things we did:

On August 2nd, we went to the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectual Museum in Koganei City where my house is located.  They had this summer festival on 2nd and 3rd, only two days.  The festival called Yusuzumi Festival, a cool breeze festival….so that we can forget the summer heat enjoying the cool night breeze.  You participated in a Bon Odori Dancing event. 



The followings are places we visited on Augusut 3rd, 2008 in Tokyo.  It was quite an exhusting Kamikaze adventure but really so interesting.

1.   Meiji Shrine


The station we got off is named Harajyuku Station.  You learned how to wash your hands and mouth before you pray…..how to pray;two bows+two claps of hands+one bow…We observed a typical Japanese wedding style.

2.   Asakusa Temple

The sourvenior street in front of the Temple is named Nakamise Street.  We had Okonomiyaki and Fried noodles for lunch.

   3.  Ginza Street

We passed the Kabuki Theater.  In the Ginza Street, they had a Sunday Stroll, blocking off the traffics. We observed an Uchimizu performance, splahing water in the street.  In the old days when people didn’t have any air-conditioning, peoples used to water the gardens and streets to cool down the heat of the summer, a kind of wisdom of the people and the Japanese old custom in the summer time.The department store we shopped is named Matsuzakaya Department Store, one of the famous stores.  The Ginza is the most sophisticated and famous street in Japan.  One square meters of land in the Ginza Street is so expensive….as much as US$200,000 or more. 

4.  Odaiba

The bay side area, newly reclaimed land area in the sea.  We crossed the famous bridge called the Rainbow Bridge by the new transportation system named Yurikamome Line.  The trains have rubber wheels like a car, not with ordinary iron wheels. The building with a globe shape structure in the building is a headquarter of Fuji TV Station.

5.  Palace


This is where the present Emperor is living .  We went up to the Niju-bashi, the Double Bridge, as we saw two bridges in parallel.  We learned the new vocabulary…..MOAT or foso in Spanish…..

6.  Tokyo Tower

Nice view

7.  Shinjuku Area

One of the famous downtown in Tokyo.  We visited Yodobashi Camera  shop. 

8. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

We visited the 45th floor of observation floor in the building.

As you can observe Mr Manabe took us to the best tour we could have ever had in Tokyo. There are no words to thank him!! I´ll add the link to all the sites as soon as I have time.


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