The journey starts

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Today a new journey starts in my life. It´s a journey that will be unforgettable and very cultural. As you can observe I added some pictures of Fukuoka our final destination to attend World Call. Take a look at the Hotel where we are staying.

The conference starts on August 4th and on August 5th many different  workshops are offered.  The first night will have dinner with most of the awardees. For the first time I will meet many enthusiastic webheads with whomI have shared many wonderful online moments. 

Together with Nelba we will give a Poster presentation on Democratic Learning for Developing and Underdeveloped Countries. We prepared a very big poster and a power point presentation called: democratic-learning-for-developing1that can be read from our laptops. I would like to thank Joao who so kindly volunteered to help us with our presentation. We plan to help a rural school located in a very small town in La Pampa Province in Argentina. We will show many pictures, maps and specific information about this school.

Webheads and others are welcome to join all these groups and tools in order to share knowledge as well as bookmarks with everyone else. That´s why Webheads are called Webheads in Action you will confirm this automatically when you see all the different tools that have been created!!



A wiki created with Wetpaint.

A google Group

Diigo Group

Facebook group

I really hope we can enjoy this journey together!!!


  1. All the best to you and Nelba, Jenny! I can’t really imagine how exciting it must be to be there with so many Webheads in Action (I know Vance, Nina and many others are there too)… Enjoy yourselves!

    BTW, I learned many interesting things about Argentina while viewing your slideshow. Thanks for sharing!

    Way to go!

  2. Thank you Gladys for your nice words!! I will meet everybody tomorrow so imagine how happy I am. 🙂
    I´m having a great time with Evelyn and Erika. We spent one day visiting Tokyo and now we are in Fukuoka where the conference will take place.

    FYI I had a terrible cold when I recorded the slideshow but it was worth giving it a try!!
    Warm regards

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