Delicious part II

 I just read in  The Bamboo Project Blog that Michelle is launching a Web 2.0 Wednesday venture. The idea is to do the following:
 Each Wednesday I’m going to post a Web 2.0 activity for you to try. If you have the time and inclination to do so, then please join in. If you don’t–the activity just doesn’t do it for you or you’re too busy with other thing or whatever–then don’t worry about it. Wait until the next time. This is not, repeat NOT, something to put on your “to do” list and feel badly if you don’t get to. I don’t want to read any posts that say “I’m behind on the Web 2.0 Wednesday activity,” because it’s not meant to be that kind of thing. Seriously. This is low pressure learning.

If you do the activity, you can blog about it or not–it’s up to you. If you do choose to blog the activity, save it to with the tag “web2.0wednesday” so we can see your post on the feed page over at the Comment Challenge wiki where I’ll be setting up a Web 2.0 Wednesday page.


I would like to share with the Web 2.0 Wednesday group one feature I am exploring with my students.

The first part of the post can be found here. Once you read this post you will be able to take your own conclusions on how my students are using Delicious to create their own personal online dictionary.

I prepared a Power Point Presentation creating-online-dictionaries-for-students explaining how I´m enhancing my students to learn new vocabulary. You can also take a look at the PPT I uploaded on slideshare


Any ideas are more than welcome!!!







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