A brief Technology integration update

A brief update of what has been going on lately.

I have been mentioned in the alumni newsletter. This week teachers started using wikis in the classroom. Take a look at what they are creating and I hope you also get inspired!!!

The Head of my daughters school found out that  Vicky´s blog has inspired many kindergarden students at school to continue learning after school. We will have an interview next month.

Red de Escuelas Medias has conctacted me because they will add this blog and my daughters blog to their blogroll. They also want to interview me on how I integrate technology in my teaching and tell them about my scholarship to WorldCall 2008 in Japan.

At the moment I am using wikis with my Business Students and can assure you that their interest in learning the language has changed considerably. Managers find out that they are learning English and technology at the same time. Many of them congratulated me and the best part is that they are never absent to their classes. I must thank Carl Dowse  who was inspired me to start teaching Business people in a different way. We are creating a wiki together and are always sharing new discoveries.

Next month I will give a presentation together with Nelba Quintana on “The Web 2.0 Lifestlye” at APIBA.

 I´ve been to one school where they are using Whiteboards in the classroom. Just amazing to have been there and see all the hard work the IT and English staff are devoting to this project. I will write more about this in another post.

There are still more things going on!!! I will add them asap.



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