Web 2.0 Language

Is there a special learning place where nothing but learning happens?  The proper place and best place for our students to learn whatever they need or want to know is a place where until very recently almost every students learned it-in the world itself. 

We daily observe that between what our students learn and the real world, the world of our student senses and common sense, there is no connection. One of the main things we try to do in schools is to give students a tool-language-with which to learn, think and talk about the world they live in. If we have to consider one the most important creations in education we can definelty name the Blackboard. I still use it daily but complement my teaching with Web 2.0 tools such as Blogs and Wikis.

I want my classes to be:

  •       Available 24 hours therefore students can share ideas outside the classroom.
  •      Not closed but opened to collaboration .   
  • Be visually interesting.
  •       Not to be Teacher oriented but student oriented.

On the other hand I want  to show them ways of using the language that would to some extent rise above their limitations and Web 2.0 tools are helping me achieve this.


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