EVO Session SMiELT


 For six weeks I will be co-moderating Social Media in ELT (SMiELT). It is sponsored by Tesol CALL IS and conducted as part of the Electronic Village Online (EVO) sessions. It will run from January 14th to February 24th, 2008.  

Social Media in ELT has been designed for teachers who already have a level of familiarity with blogs, wikis and related technologies and who would like to review, extend their technical/pedagogical knowledge and develop a critically reflected understanding of social media, focusing on their use and implications in language teaching. We will also be connecting with educators involved in the Future of Learning in a Networked World, weaving our comments and reflection on themes that will emerge from this networking experiment. “

 Drupal is the new platform we are experimenting with. There is a helpdesk forum and in the Primer syllabus you can observe the weekly activities. In the Social Forum participants start introducing themselves. Participants have to sit on Magical Chairs  in order to know each other better.

After several weeks preparing this session together with the rest of the wonderful Moderators and Co-moderators I can say that SMiELT is:

Connecting, Collaborating, Sharing, Understanding, Learning, networking, Reflecting and socializing.

Preparing for this session I once again felt like a student and found teachers who constantly:

  • Cared about giving the best for the Team and wore no disguises.
  • Shared from their hearts not lessons from books but life where they are.
  • Took time to help and tutor
  • Showed new ways of learning and teaching

Thanks SMiELT Team for this unforgettable experience that has just started!!!



  1. Dear Jen,
    Thanks for the encouragement you sent me on the SMiELT course. Reading this post here I can see that you*re getting a lot out of being on the moderating tteam. I feel so lucky to be able to take part in this session. Thank you!

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