Happy Blog Anniversary

birthday-cake.jpgI wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my Blog. I started blogging when I was pregnant of my second child. My first blog was called ESL and Technology

After finishing in January the EVO session Open webpublishing I decided to change that blog for My integrating Technology journey. This blog is a registry on how I “slowly” integrate technology in my daily teaching.

I would have never imagined I could have done so many things in such a short period of time. Technology has changed the way I teach and at the beginning it was a very bumpy ride because I felt resistance at school and in the companies where I teach.

Last month I was able to show my company students how to use blogs in our classes and since then they don´t want to have classes without the computer. Their comments:

  • Classes are more dynamic
  •  I´m a visual person and enjoy learning vocabulary through games
  • Never thought it was fun learning with the computer
  • Enjoy the idea to be able to work in my own pace and time

At school  I must thank my Principal Diana who has always shown great interest in this “New Teaching World”. You can read what we are doing in our classroom blog. Students are enjoying their classes and NY Global Youth Partners will be a great experience for them. We are at the point where I´m communicating a lot with my students after class.

I remember talking about this in a presentation I gave in 2004 but never thought that I was doing to apply it so quickly.

Blogging has allowed me to communicate differently with my students. I´m creating blogs for almost every class and can´t imagine teaching without them.



  1. Slowly, you say. I think steadily is the most important aspect. With so many stagnant projects out there, I think this continuity is something you should be proud of.
    Happy blog-anniversary Jenny!

    Claudia Ceraso

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