Peer Coaching Program

Microsoft and Fundación Evolución invited educational institutes to join Peer Coaching Program that began in 2006 and is totally FREE in 15 Argentine provinces.: Chubut, City of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Mendoza, Missiones, Neuquén, Province of Buenos Aires, Rio Negro, Salta, Santa Fe, San Juan, San Luis and Santa Cruz.

Peer Coaching Program “is designed to help schools implement a professional development model that can enhance standards-based instruction by assisting teachers to offer students engaging, technology rich, learning activities.”

I was trained to become a teacher leader to serve as peer coaches for colleagues. As coaches, these teachers will assist their peers in identifying ways that technology can strengthen classroom curriculum and enhance their students’ academic achievement. They will also help their colleagues to develop the necessary technology skills and instructional strategies needed to integrate technology into teaching and learning.

I met a lot of different teachers from Argentina that are very enthusiastic in incorporating new technologies in their Institution. Take a look at the photo of all the particapants that attended this 8 day intensive training.   


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