Next Generation Teachers

Are we next generation teachers?

I personally think that I am trying to motivate my teenage students to find different ways of learning using technology.

NextGen Teachers is about “Educators connecting to explore the next generation of teaching and learning“.In their Wiki you will find the purpose of NextGen Teachers. Many teachers sharing their own discoveries using technology.

What is Next Gen Teachers?

Next Gen is about helping the next generation of teachers become the next generation of learners.

Next Gen is about sharing and collaborating in new and innovative ways.

Next Gen represents a global perspective and will have a diverse membership and audience.

Next Gen is about outreach. From elementary schools to institutions of higher education,

Next Gen seeks to find and connect the next generation of learners charged with teaching our future.

As you know this year I am using Wikis in my classroon. Before starting I took a look at the presentation given by Viki Davis on Wikis. It is very complete and a good resource if you are planning to add them to your classes this year.
Watch what educators have to say about Pbwiki.

Technology will never replace teachers — but, those who use technology will replace those who do not.

What do you think about it?


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