A hard nut to break

Technology Integration can be a very bumpy ride but after having met some of you along the way things became easier. I am flattered to have been able to contribute somehow in this process. Claudia Ceraso a colleague and friend from Buenos Aires made me reflect once again in all this Technology Integration process. We are struggling our way through this new teaching world together.

That first meeting was quite hard. It was difficult to make people understand what this is all about. Fear of the unknown.

Today only one month after that unforgettable meeting I can assure you that all this journey was worth the ride.

Students are highly motivated and are starting to create their own blogs. I even have an English teacher from school attending my classes because she believes that all this new teaching world is great. Take a look at our Blog.

I will encounter many different obstacles along the way but I know that I´m not alone in this journey. I want to thank each one of you that inspire me to continue learning and improving my teaching.



  1. Congratulations on the progress that you have made in this. I hope you will let us know where we could find some of the student blogs.

  2. After such a bumpy start, I think it was only fair to let your readers know how much things can change.

    It is not at all easy, but definitely worthwhile. Craig in my post comment and you here have mentioned students motivation as a reason to go ahead.

    I am so glad we are in this together, reinforcing our own motivation and sharing what we learn as we go along.

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