A new teaching year

School started last week and I am glad to be back. I´m teaching teenagers and they have all this great energy to discover the world that you become contagious.

This year I introduced the New Technology Program. To my surprise most students didn´t know what a blog was. They heard about Photoblog and my idea is to introduce Vblogging something totally new to me but seems to be a great tool if your students are visual learners.

Vidipedia is the free video encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

I found this great link on Web 2.0 tools

How much of all this can really be applied to education?



  1. Thanks for the great link! Every time I think I am getting caught up, I discover a ton of new things I haven’t seen before!

    As for your question, I would imagine that most of it could be applied to education in some setting or another. But realistically, you couldn’t use all of it in every setting. I think it is good to know what’s out there but then concentrate on two or maybe three things and learn to use them well. Be open to switching tools out as you find new ones, but don’t rush to try to incorporate them all.

  2. Dear Jennifer, what a thrill to start a new academic year with your wagon full of excellent tools and ideas from all the EVO sessions you participated in (that were a LOT)!!!

    I am also enjoying the new Yahoo Group you have created. It is wonderful to share with old and new friends that have migrated to the group.

    All the best and much success with your enthusiastic teenagers who will have an excellent and exciting teacher as well. Lucky them.
    Cariños, Berta

  3. Happy New Year! I like the “how much” question and think it is good to remind ourselves that there isn’t a fixed formula. I would argue it very much depends on the learners (their interest/needs/aims and styles) as well as the time the teacher has to train to use the web 2.0 tools effectively and efficiently. If diary writing is on the syllabus and it can be done with pen and paper then that might be just as valid. If however the learners are paired with peers at a distance and their blog can expand their horizons then yes, go for it! As we’ve seen these are powerful itneractive tools but timne consuming for all???
    Keep us posted on how things evolve and how your group takes to it …I’m sure we can learn loads by excahnging these ideas and experiences.
    Well done,

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