Creative Pictures

I have some holiday pictures loaded in Flickr. Take a look at the original picture:

Now using Dumpr start being creative. You can change your picture into many different formats and it´s always the same picture.



  1. Hi Jennifer, great tool for playing with pictures. Quite amazing effects. I wonder why thet require to:
    “We need your permission to access your private flickr photos.”
    I was all happy to experiment with another nice tool to generate creative effects in pictures but this line just turned me off.
    Maybe I´ll try another day or simply delete all my personal “people” pictures from Flickr. I know they say these permission can be later revoked, but why ask it upfront then?

    Thanks for sharing, Cariños, Berta

  2. Truly amazing Jennifer. How creative and interesting. I particularly like the last one – a way to represent an event or image without giving all the detail away. I’m sure students would appreciate langauge activities around creations like this, and sharing their photos in this way allows for so much more fun. Nice to then show the original.
    Thanks for your great post!
    Well done,

  3. How totally cool!!!
    Are you using it in class? if so, how?
    I especially like the black and white drawing. Would be good fun for a dictation or interpretation.
    It also looks like good plain fun 😀

  4. It’s fantastic, Jennifer! I like the second one just because you can interpret it and describe it in so many different ways. Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

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