Today I joined ELT Podcasting and added my idea to the wiki “99 ways to use a podcast“.

My Gigadial account is still a mystery for me. I must continue investigating on how to add new podcasts. There are many different podcsting softwares and due to lack of time I wont´t be able to really use and check all of them in order to decide which one is the best for my teaching purpose. I have to figure out how to use Video in podcasting.

As I read what I´m writing I would have never imagined one year ago to be writing about podcasts. Technology is enhancing and interactive not only for students but for teachers as well.

The concept of knowledge is changing.Removing old learning paradigms is difficult for teachers. We have to broaden our definition of learning that it´s on demand and just-in-time. Learning is distributed across classroom, work, home and the community.

I really hope that many teachers understand this paradigm shift. This year I will give greater control to the learners!!!



  1. I am glad to hear you say that about Gigidial. I set up an account and started looking around but haven’t yet made any real sense out of it! Too much to do and too little time!!

  2. And a very good idea it was too, Nancy

    Perhaps Gigadial isn’t for everyone – I like it because it allows you to flag particular episodes of podcasts (rather than subscribe to a podcast) – it’s a nice tool if you’re working in a group – you can share podcasts with each other.

    I think the paradigm shift is amazing too, but I think it’ll take most educators a long time to come to grips with it. At worst, it’ll be the new generation of teachers, that are students now, who’ll be the ones that will really understand what’s happening now.

  3. The shift is also problematic to come in sense that I see a lot of teacher training course still following the standard curriculum with little if any training on how to use new technologies or how these technologies are changing learning. The most current research focuses on MSN chatlanguage and a bit on bloging as a place for self-expression. Yet, the new ideas/findings have not penetrated the teacher training courses yet.

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