OWP Q & A Wiki

I am creating a wiki of all our journey along OWP. This is the first time I am using wikis and my question for the experts is which one is better pbwiki or wikispaces.

The main purpose of the wiki is to have a database with all the questions members have done on all the tools we are using.

What do you think of posting Illya´s questions and members answer them whenever they have time?

Help me out if this could be done with another tool.

I´m all ears!!!




  1. Hi Jennifer!

    I am also experimenting with wikis at the moment. Basically I found that
    -wikispaces offers more online space for free
    -if you start an edublog, you’ll get a free wiki without adds.

    -Pbwiki offers the possibility of having a private wiki for free.

    About embedding video or other features, both platforms seem to suppot that. See more about it here

    On the whole, wikispaces seems much easier to use. But it may be just my impression.

    Hope that helps!

    fceblog on del.icio.us

  2. I am going to cast my vote for another wiki altogether. I have been using wikidot, and I really like it. I am not sure why I like it better than the others. Part of it is that I experimented with wikispaces and pbwiki, but I never quite figured them out. But when I tried wikidot it all came together and I was able to use it very easily.

    If you are interested, you can check out the wiki I am using with my students this semester at http://namckeand.wikidot.com.

  3. I’ve played with both and for some reason wikispaces has been the one that I’ve hung in with. On reflection (after reading your question) I’m not sure why. Maybe part of it is the name peanutbutterwiki!! They both seem good…

    Good luck!

  4. I felt the same way as you Illya. I have an account with wikispaces and pbwiki. I agree with Claudia and Nancy that wikispaces seems easier and it´s not so complicated.
    Thanks Nancy for sharing wikidot. You are doing a great job with your classes!! I´ll have to try it!!

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